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A Deep Loss — May 8, 2017

A Deep Loss

She woke, feeling numb and heavy. Hassan’s hand squeezed hers tightly, and his green eyes shone with worry as hers came into focus. He looked sad, heavy. Remi thought back, recalled checking into the hospital for a clinic visit…


It turned out that the weight loss and gain had been caused by an unexpected pregnancy. Remi had collapsed when she reached the hospital, and the Doctors had found the pregnancy. It was around five months along, but unviable. Something had gone very wrong. In the end they had to preform a hysterectomy.

Remi took it badly. They had never really discussed having more children…but the loss proved to be an extremely heavy burden to bear. Hassan stepped up and took care of the kids entirely, leaving Remi time to heal.

Months passed slowly, and Remi found solace in her family. Her girls were getting bigger and bigger, and Hassan loved her more deeply than ever.


Slowly but surely…


The Family Healed.

wip — May 6, 2017


The exhaustion lasted a bit longer than the couple thought it might, but did eventually fade as their schedules adjusted around their growing babies. Hassan got a promotion, and wore his new uniform proudly.


Crusade and Remi began fine tuning their training regimen, hoping to compete in an upcoming National Cross Country competition. Crusade was getting stronger, faster and leaner. He had even received a few stud requests! It was a pretty exciting endeavor-



Even if he didn’t make every jump.


The babies grew quickly, exploring their world with fervor. Both girls learned their basic skills quickly, and managed to gain a few skills in music and logic as well. Both Hassan and Remi couldn’t be prouder.


Remi paid forward Hassan’s dedication to her when the babies were younger by watching over the girls while Hassan spent time working on his work skills and his car.

Oh! I can’t forget about Blue- The girls found a lizard and fell in love with him. Unable to say no, they adopted Blue. He spends his time sleeping and munching crickets.


He wasn’t the only one who spent 99% of his time snoozing- so did the cats.


In the middle of their peaceful lives, however, an unexpected and painful surprise arose. Remi had been struggling with weight gain, bouncing in between rapidly gaining and loosing pounds. After four or five months of this, Hassan insisted Remi see a Doctor.


Unable to convince Hassan to relax, Remi drove herself to the hospital, fully expecting this to be a complete waste of time.

It didn’t turn out that way.

Toddlerhood Spam! — May 5, 2017

Toddlerhood Spam!

Time. Flew.


Soon enough the babies had grown into chubby little Toddlers. Remi and Hassan loved every second- they read them stories, played games…it was wonderful.


In a crazy stroke of luck, Hassan purchased a winning lottery ticket, landing the family a solid $100,000! A bit of landscaping, the construction of a playground out back for the girls, and a business investment in the Equestrian Center took care of a decent chunk of it. The rest went into savings.




Though, as much happiness the girls brought to the family…


They did leave everyone a bit worn out.

Crusade’s Nightly Training — May 4, 2017

Crusade’s Nightly Training

Once the twins were a few months old, Remi asked Hassan if he would take over their care each night so that Remi could work with Crusade more often. The stallion had gotten a bit fat. Hassan grinned, and happily took over the nightly duties with his lovely ladies.


Crusade thoroughly enjoyed the workouts- as did Remi. It had been a long time since they had been able to work together, and it was a thrill.




Home, Sweet Home.

Crazy Busy! — May 3, 2017
Welcome Home, Rose & Lilly — May 2, 2017

Welcome Home, Rose & Lilly

The days flew by in the first precious days of the twins’ lives. Hassan took a few days off to help Remi get into a routine. They loved their tiny daughters.


Hassan also took to the appliances in the house, wanting to ensure everything was safe. He was a flurry of baby-proofing.


The cats seemed to be the only ones not affected by the news of the twins.

(These two…too cute!)


Happy Birthday! — May 1, 2017
Dabbling in Time — April 29, 2017

Dabbling in Time

Hassan wasted no time in tracking down his descendants.


They lived on the edge of Oasis Springs, in a fairly nice home. He knocked, but recived no answer. The only logical thing to do was to test the family pool.


The dreary atmosphere was a bit stifling. Even swimming in the pool didn’t help. Hassan was quite relieved when a descendant of his went inside- he dashed after them, eager to greet them.



She was very pretty, though a bit shocked to meet him. She introduced herself as Marigold. Once Hassan explained everything, she was all smiles, explaining that she and her husband lived here with their four children.


In Hassan’s opinion, the place was pretty posh, but Marigold explained that things were a little tight. Money wasn’t too easy to come by, but they were very happy. Hassan left smiling, pleased with what he had learned. Money wasn’t as important as a loving family, and they had that in spades.

The Master of Time…


Unable to help himself, Hassan purchased a neat little companion. In hindsight…not the smartest. He had forgotten to pick up some nanites for food…

Passing the days! — April 28, 2017

Passing the days!


“So, you want a boy too?” Remi’s laughter echoed through the spring air, the couple snuggled into the recently reupholstered car. Hassan ran his hands through his newly shortened hair, his thoughts wandering happily over the little life growing in his wife’s belly. He settled his hand over her midsection, and she smiled sweetly. The last few months had been wonderful…


Hassan immediately took over cooking dinners, Grinning at Remi over the bookshelves in the kitchen.


Remi grew out her hair and spent time with Crusade in the pasture, unable to ride him during her pregnancy. She loaned him to the Equestrian Center for lessons, amazed to watch him work peacefully with others. She considered his rehabilitation complete.


Remi took on a new skill, dabbling happily with paints and canvas.


The Oswalds couldn’t be more content waiting for their new family member. Their property was finally starting to truly feel like home. Although, Hassan had just one more thing he wanted to do…


Could it Be….? — April 26, 2017