We start our story somewhere in the middle. An eclectic Outdoorsy woman named Remi Oswald is happily married to her husband Hasan. They live in a newly renovated home on the western edge of Strawberry Acres with their animals, of which there are many; Crusade, an ornery stallion with fleet feet and a penchant for jumping, Henley, the aged tomcat and his mate Mary. Sweet Peach, an old mutt with a big heart helps Violet, a young English Setter raise her three pups: Poppy, Lark, and Bluebell.

In the future I’ll be more organized- for now have some random photos of the bunch!



Crusade and Remi clean up a touch.


Too many critters, too few dishes!


Violet & Poppy spend some quality time together.


Too many animals…but we wouldn’t have it any other way!


She’s too photogenic not to love.


Crusade isn’t so photogenic- surrendered to the shelter because of his bad attitude, he tends to be camera shy.


Many years ago Remi went to France and picked up her Kenspa. When the weather permits, she putters about town in it.