The Oswald Family has been peacefully living their lives, the house being much quieter after the puppies had been brought to their new home.


Crusade and Remi have been making incredible progress together. Most of Crusade’s aggressive behavior has abated, managed with a strict exercise regimen and lots of counter conditioning.  The near constant rain of spring made training especially sticky, but the bond that formed between Remi and Crusade was well worth the mud.


Hassan is working on advancing his career, pumping up his muscles up to impress his boss. He works at the local barracks, and the small outfit was itching for a new Private, and Hassan wanted to fill the position.


Meanwhile, Remi and Mary worked on the rather tiny garden. A few grape vines, a Ghost chili bush…it was mostly kept around for fresh fruit and cheese platters, but Remi loved it. She had maxed her gardening skill years ago, and like to grow things when the weather was warm enough.


Mary had also caught a really lovely Iguana, and Hassan quickly bought a terrarium for it, fondly calling it Berry.


The happy family ate together every night, the cats desperately watching from afar, hoping for scraps. Dinner conversations meandered over various topics; work, the garden, the cats’ hijinks. But lately, the two of them had begun wondering about whether or not to add another member to the family. Remi was well into her adult stage, and brought the topic up over salad.

The two of them had discussed children before they married. Remi simply didn’t want children, and Hassan was happy with her decision. But over the years, Remi’s views had changed. She loved Hassan dearly, and the idea of creating a new life with him sounded beautiful.


After dinner, the dishes washed up, a steamy conversation took place.

“Remi, my love, how do you feel about…going to China?