The view! Hassan bounced in his seat as the plane landed, Remi laughing beside him.


They checked into their hotel, smiling non stop. Remi had traveled to France when she was younger, but neither Oswald had ever been to China. Once Hassan’s boss heard about the trip, he asked him to pick up Martial Arts, hinting that a promotion could be in store if he did.


With this in Mind, Hassan headed to the market, taking in the view with a huge grin on his face.


The shopping trip over- the lovebirds met up at the base to begin a hike to the Temple of the Sky. Remi had been incredibly excited to see it, chatting non stop, squeezing Hassan’s hand tightly.

After awhile the hike’s conversation took a softer turn, Remi nervously bringing up ideas for baby names.

“Isabelle? Carson…? Sean?”

Hassan squeezed her hand gently, offering up his own.

“I like Asmi, or Fatima. My Uncle was named Ifrah. He had very kind eyes.”

Remi smiled, turning pink.

“Would you prefer a boy, or a girl?” Hassam shrugged, a dreamy look in his eyes. “Either, honestly. I’m just happy you want children. I’d never really, truly considered it. Now that we’re talking about it, I love the idea. I don’t care what sex the baby is, so long as they’re healthy…and have your eyes.”

The rest of the walk was shared in warm silence, the two of them sharing fond looks. Once they reached the top of the tower, they held each other close. The sun warmed their faces as they kissed, their hearts full with thoughts of the future.