Back from China, Remi immediately ran to the stables to greet Crusade. He had been tended by a hired stablehand for the duration of their vacation, and Remi had been worried about him acting up. He had been wonderful, and Remi rewarded him with fresh grapes.

Life resumed at it’s usual pace, with the couple attending regular appointments with the local fertility clinic. Remi was getting up there in age,and the couple worried they may struggle to conceive.


Remi spent a lot of time sleeping in the nursery she and Hassan had prepared, suppressing her anxiety and napping in the rocking chair.


Hassan took on a project to distract himself from his worries, fixing up an old car that he’d found in the local scrapyard. As he mulled over the gears and rusted parts, fear sat heavily in his belly. He wondered if this dream they had recently fallen in love with was something they couldn’t achieve. They had been married for so long, and had never really considered it…he was afraid they had missed their chance.