“So, you want a boy too?” Remi’s laughter echoed through the spring air, the couple snuggled into the recently reupholstered car. Hassan ran his hands through his newly shortened hair, his thoughts wandering happily over the little life growing in his wife’s belly. He settled his hand over her midsection, and she smiled sweetly. The last few months had been wonderful…


Hassan immediately took over cooking dinners, Grinning at Remi over the bookshelves in the kitchen.


Remi grew out her hair and spent time with Crusade in the pasture, unable to ride him during her pregnancy. She loaned him to the Equestrian Center for lessons, amazed to watch him work peacefully with others. She considered his rehabilitation complete.


Remi took on a new skill, dabbling happily with paints and canvas.


The Oswalds couldn’t be more content waiting for their new family member. Their property was finally starting to truly feel like home. Although, Hassan had just one more thing he wanted to do…