Hassan wasted no time in tracking down his descendants.


They lived on the edge of Oasis Springs, in a fairly nice home. He knocked, but recived no answer. The only logical thing to do was to test the family pool.


The dreary atmosphere was a bit stifling. Even swimming in the pool didn’t help. Hassan was quite relieved when a descendant of his went inside- he dashed after them, eager to greet them.



She was very pretty, though a bit shocked to meet him. She introduced herself as Marigold. Once Hassan explained everything, she was all smiles, explaining that she and her husband lived here with their four children.


In Hassan’s opinion, the place was pretty posh, but Marigold explained that things were a little tight. Money wasn’t too easy to come by, but they were very happy. Hassan left smiling, pleased with what he had learned. Money wasn’t as important as a loving family, and they had that in spades.

The Master of Time…


Unable to help himself, Hassan purchased a neat little companion. In hindsight…not the smartest. He had forgotten to pick up some nanites for food…