The exhaustion lasted a bit longer than the couple thought it might, but did eventually fade as their schedules adjusted around their growing babies. Hassan got a promotion, and wore his new uniform proudly.


Crusade and Remi began fine tuning their training regimen, hoping to compete in an upcoming National Cross Country competition. Crusade was getting stronger, faster and leaner. He had even received a few stud requests! It was a pretty exciting endeavor-



Even if he didn’t make every jump.


The babies grew quickly, exploring their world with fervor. Both girls learned their basic skills quickly, and managed to gain a few skills in music and logic as well. Both Hassan and Remi couldn’t be prouder.


Remi paid forward Hassan’s dedication to her when the babies were younger by watching over the girls while Hassan spent time working on his work skills and his car.

Oh! I can’t forget about Blue- The girls found a lizard and fell in love with him. Unable to say no, they adopted Blue. He spends his time sleeping and munching crickets.


He wasn’t the only one who spent 99% of his time snoozing- so did the cats.


In the middle of their peaceful lives, however, an unexpected and painful surprise arose. Remi had been struggling with weight gain, bouncing in between rapidly gaining and loosing pounds. After four or five months of this, Hassan insisted Remi see a Doctor.


Unable to convince Hassan to relax, Remi drove herself to the hospital, fully expecting this to be a complete waste of time.

It didn’t turn out that way.