She woke, feeling numb and heavy. Hassan’s hand squeezed hers tightly, and his green eyes shone with worry as hers came into focus. He looked sad, heavy. Remi thought back, recalled checking into the hospital for a clinic visit…


It turned out that the weight loss and gain had been caused by an unexpected pregnancy. Remi had collapsed when she reached the hospital, and the Doctors had found the pregnancy. It was around five months along, but unviable. Something had gone very wrong. In the end they had to preform a hysterectomy.

Remi took it badly. They had never really discussed having more children…but the loss proved to be an extremely heavy burden to bear. Hassan stepped up and took care of the kids entirely, leaving Remi time to heal.

Months passed slowly, and Remi found solace in her family. Her girls were getting bigger and bigger, and Hassan loved her more deeply than ever.


Slowly but surely…


The Family Healed.